Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions
1. Disclaimer and limitation of liability
1.1 We do not declare or guarantee that access to our website (including the use of mobile applications) or any part of it will be unobstructed, reliable or fault-free.
1.2 We do not declare or guarantee to you that our website or any of its contents will be accurate, complete or reliable.
1.3 Whether any products are provided by us) will be provided with due care and skill; or
1.4 Any merchandise (whether provided by us or not) will be of commercially available quality or will be suitable for any purpose (although we have notified us of this purpose in advance).
1.5 You agree that no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be completely safe. Although we are committed to protecting this information, we do not guarantee and cannot guarantee the security of the information you transmit to us. Any information you transmit to us is at your own risk.
1.6 Inaccuracies, errors or omissions in our website (including the use of the application) or any information or any technical, factual, text or printing related to it;
1.8 Any misrepresentation about our website, goods or services is provided by the supplier;
1.9 Except as required by law, we will not be liable to you for any indirect or consequential loss, damage or expense, including any loss of profits, business or goodwill caused by any problems you have informed us
1.10 Our website uses a third-party payment method, and we will not be liable to pay you any money in compensation.
2 Order
2.1 Unless stated on the product, we are not the actual seller or supplier of the product. We are responsible for providing website platform and delivery service (if any).
2.2 When you place an order, you agree to the price and content of the product. Once submitted, the order shall not be cancelled even though the order is in any state.
2.3 We will confirm the order by email / SMS.
2.4 The inventory supply of commodities is displayed online, but it should not be relied on whether the commodities you intend to purchase are indeed in stock.
2.5 We reserve the right to refuse or cancel orders for any reason at our discretion, which may include:
2.6 The goods ordered do not have sufficient inventory;
2.7 Failure to arrange delivery in your area; or
2.8 Information errors arising from Internet technical problems;
2.9 The product no longer exists and other factors
2.10 If we cancel your order, we will notify you by email / SMS, and will cancel the item as soon as possible fifteen
(15) Day memory deposit or deduction of other consumption. You accept that we do not need to make any compensation for the transaction error or cancellation.
3 Service
3.1 HKLOHAS is the parent company of Hong Kong LOHAS Limited (hereinafter referred to as "we", "our company" or "Hong Kong LOHAS"). We provide shopping services through our website.
3.2 Your use of the website means that you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. Please read the relevant terms and conditions carefully.
3.3 We can change these terms and conditions at any time and from time to time without notice. The revised terms are effective according to the release date. When you use our service, you are deemed to agree to accept the latest version of these terms and conditions.
3.4 "You" means the person to whom we provide services or deliver goods and the person who has to pay for the goods we deliver.
3.5 "Intellectual Property Rights" means any and all pictures, images, descriptions, sounds, etc. published online patents, trademarks, domain name rights, design rights, copyright and database rights, confidential information rights and any unauthorized access , The company has the right to make recovery.
3.6 The company will purchase items from "suppliers". Any product quality problems have nothing to do with this website. If there are quality problems, we will try our best to coordinate work.
3.7 "Website" means the website of Hong Kong LOHAS (LOHASHK.COM) and any related websites connected to it.
4 Registration
4.1 You must register with us when using the service or making an order. Through registration, you must be 18 years of age or older and have the ability to form a legally binding contract.
4.2 In view of your use of our services, you agree to:
4.3 Provide complete information about you when filling out the registration form; and
5 Price and payment
5.1 Since the prices of various types of goods sold are usually updated by suppliers, we have the opportunity to make price changes before accepting your order. If you develop the above conditions before receiving the goods, you can choose a refund, and we will cancel the item as soon as possible. Five (15) days into the account or deduct other consumption. You accept that we do not need to make any compensation for the transaction error or cancellation.
5.2 We accept Visa and MasterCard credit or various online payments. When you make an order, you are authorizing us to use the credit card or other payment method you specified for the amount of the goods when we accepted your order. The ownership of the goods will not be transferred to you until the payment is received.
5.3 We use third-party payment services for online transactions. When you make an order, you agree and accept, subject to its terms and conditions, your credit card information will be collected, processed and retained by us and payment service providers. You agree and accept that you are solely and solely responsible for any losses incurred or incurred by you when conducting credit card transactions, and we are not required to bear any relevant total or partial losses under any circumstances.
 6 Delivery
6.1 Except for the first two days of the Chinese New Year and when the typhoon warning signal No. 8 or above or the black rainstorm warning is in effect, we only use third-party self-paid logistics providers for delivery in Hong Kong. We reserve the right to refuse delivery at our sole discretion. You agree and accept that you will receive the ordered goods from our logistics center. Under any circumstances, we will not accept cancellation of the order or refund to you due to problems caused by logistics.
6.2 We will deliver the goods you ordered through our staff or third-party suppliers to the delivery address you provide. When you confirm receipt of the product, you agree to produce photo identification upon request. When the goods are delivered to the delivery address provided by you, the goods are deemed to be delivered to you and received by you. If you fail to receive the goods for any reason, you agree and accept that we have the right to choose to charge you an additional fee or cancel your order without refund or any compensation.
6.3 If you choose indirect delivery (such as: management office, etc.) for delivery at the delivery point, and if there is any loss of the goods, the company will not be responsible for theft.
6.4 Unless otherwise specified, we will use all reasonable commercial efforts to deliver goods within the agreed time to accept your order. According to prior online arrangement.
6.5 We may deliver one or more times, and some products may be delivered directly by the supplier.
6.6 When the goods you have purchased have been delivered to you, you will become the owner of the goods. When the goods have been delivered to you, you will bear the risk of holding the goods yourself and we will not be responsible for their loss or damage.
6.7 Unless otherwise specified, each delivery will be borne by you to express delivery. We do not guarantee the logistics fees charged by third parties.
7 Return or replacement
7.1 Reasons HK LOHAS uses third-party logistics delivery, except for special reasons, will not accept return or replacement of goods.
7.2 You agree and accept that whether to accept the replacement of goods depends on the supply of inventory.
7.3 You agree and accept that it is the sole discretion of the supplier to accept the return or replacement of goods. Under no circumstances will we accept direct returns to us or be responsible for any damage caused by you for any reason.
8 Guarantee
8.1 Suppliers shall not defame, abuse, harass, track, threaten or infringe the rights of others (including but not limited to the privacy rights or publicity rights of others) through our website;
8.2 hinder or interfere with the operation of our website or the server or network used by our website; or violate any regulations, procedures, policies or regulations concerning the network;
9 Content
9.1 The intellectual property rights of all content are owned, controlled or licensed by us. And we also reserve all other rights.
9.2 Supplier and user content does not include any material that may be illegal, defamatory, obscene, offensive, endanger the safety of any person, intended to harass any person or not suitable for display on the website.
10 Termination
10.1 If you violate any terms and conditions, we may immediately terminate your access to our website or registration.
10.2 Any rights that have been incurred by either party on the termination date will still be enforceable after termination.
10.3 We may transfer these terms and conditions or appoint any third party, including a group company, to provide services to you in accordance with a business decision, or perform any of our responsibilities contained in these terms and conditions.
10.4 Without our written consent, the supplier shall not transfer or otherwise deal with all or part of your rights and obligations under these terms and conditions.
11 These terms and conditions are governed by the laws in force in Hong Kong. You agree to be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong courts.
Last updated: April 1, 2020